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Aspiring Engineers in System Development, Data Acquisition, Web and Mobile Platform Development.

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We provide end to end system engineering and product development services.
MXBIT ® is a technology company founded in 2012 and powered by a group of passionate professionals. We work with companies and institutions to achieve their business goals. We provide optimal technology to save time and cost in product development. Our quality concept starts from design


We provides wide spectrum of solution in system automation, network data acquisition, software solutions, mobile computing and web interfaces.
We have empowered our clients in optimizing their business processes and ensuring maximum operational efficiency.
Product functionality and solution quality are two important factors which drive us into innovations. We provide long term association and service to every products we deliver and maintain excellency in operations.

Let's work together on a great idea.

OUR SERVICES / System Integration / Electrical Harness / PCB Design / SMD Soldering / Embedded System Development / Mobile Compuling / Hybrid Mobile Apps / Web Development /
UI UX Design / Fullstack Javascript / e Learning /
Game Development / Cloud Services


System Integration

Our system integrators analyze the integration document, generate the matrix of interconnection requirements and optimize the System Engineering Integration and Testing (SEIT) structure to suit the customer demands. We perform finite component level checkout for every component to test the integration entry criteria. We adopt the best practice system integration strategy based on SIA95 with a goal to reduce risk, cost and errors while increasing the robustness and industrial safety.

Electrical Harness

We adopt continuous harness integration model and establish a development strategy independent of the harness design team and effectively eliminate the error progression. We creates a system architecture overview early in the program and use it as the reference framework for incremental harness realization. The wire harness is tested end to end with respect to the system level requirements for operational acceptance. We follow the configuration management process for the harness verification and checkout.

PCB Design

We provide end to end electronic system design solution from circuit schematic entry, GERBER file creation, PCB fabrication and SMD soldering, circuit testing and package delivery. We follow ISRO PAX 301 standard for high reliability PCB design. The fabricated PCBs are visibility inspected with 20x inspection microscope and strict quality control protocol are followed as per customer requirements.

SMD Soldering

We use temperature and air flow controlled soldering units for surface mount component soldering with maximum heat generation of 700 Watt and with precision temperature control. Specifications: Low EMI/ESD interference to components, adjustable air flow and air volume up to 120 L/ minute, temperature adjustment range from 100 °C to 450 °C, noise level less than 45dB, air gun position stability sense for precision air flow targeting, closed loop control for temperature stability and cold wind feature for post solder component cooling.

Embedded System Development

We design and develop network enabled data acquisition modules for remote data acquisition and commanding interface. The data acquisition module can acquire 0-100volt signals and transmit the digitalized signal through network for remote monitoring. This product is designed as per ISRO requirement. We have done complete product realization from concept including circuit schematic, PCB layout design, PCB fabrication, component soldering and functional testing.

Mobile Computing

As more and more customers access the Internet via mobile devices, it becomes increasingly important to reach those users on-line. To support this shift our team transforms business information into fascinating mobile applications and ensures that web sites are accessible through mobile devices. With our Mobility team new ventures can be launched into web space focusing on new customers. We work on Mobile and Tablet applications for sports, entertainment, food, education and health care.

Hybrid Applications

We creates software solution interacting equally well with core computing side and user interface side. We design and develop hybrid application eco systems interfacing with C program modules for kernel interface, CSS and Java modules for aesthetic user interface and requirement specific mobile applications for mobility enhanced experiences.

Rich Internet Application

In MXBIT we have created a whole set of Rich Internet Applications based on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flash, Flex and AIR. Creating RIA based products and solutions has always been our passion and in this endure we have worked with multiple clients across the globe in creating engaging applications which offers great user experiences and performance over the web and on the desktop. We have innovative approach to make brands more visible and to reinvent the way conventional business works

UI and UX Design

A good design works on an intellectual as well as emotional level and at the intersection of business goals and user needs. We look for this USP in every project and deliver simple and elegant solution. Our web illustrations create a visual treat which persists in the imaginations of the user even after leaving the site. We create this perception with our state of art simple and pleasing interface strategy. We create online interactions faster and easier than ever expected. MXBIT makes complex simple.


As digital strategists with deep industry expertise and brand focus, we first get an understanding of the business objectives you'd like to achieve. We then do the research to understand how the users think, work, and get things done.

With research in hand, we then look to find the sweet spot-the intersection between your business goals and your user's needs. This form the strategy that serves as the foundation for the design phase.

Through the industry's best-practice design process, our usability experts, information architects, interactive designers and developers create a user experience that's not just usable, but the one that your audience wants to use.

We provide a complete range of front-end / back-end development capabilities to bring our designs to life. And finally we combine design thinking, technical mastery and marketing expertise to deliver maximum experiences for mobile, web, smart tv and internet of things.

We help companies to provide maximum online experience
that drive strategic business outcomes.
We design products and services at the intersection of information, technology, and human experience.



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